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Registration and Enrollment FAQ's

Who can enroll in Kindergarten?

• Children who turn five years old on or before September 1 are encouraged to enroll in Kindergarten. September 1st is the state and District’s established cutoff date for Kindergarten.

What documents are needed to register in Pasadena Unified School District?

• To register a child for the first time, the following documents need to be presented at the school office:

1.  Child’s birth certificate

2.  Proof of current immunizations

3.  Proof of rent/ownership within PUSD boundaries (deed of trust, property tax bill, lease agreement, rental payment receipt) in the parent/guardian name

4.  Current utility bill in the parent/guardian name (the following are accepted: gas, electric or water)

How do I find my school of residence?

Use our School Locator to find out which school you are assigned to based on your home address. 

How to I apply for a school outside of my school of residence?

Families not residing in the school’s area may apply to go to that school through the District's annual Open Enrollment process. Please check Open Enrollment for more information, including when to apply and how to apply online.  

What Immunizations do I need?

Please visit Shots for School for the immunizations needed before registering for school

What are the school hours?

Please check the school website for school hours and office hours.

Does PUSD provide transportation?

Check PUSD Transportation for detailed information. 

What is the dress code?

Please check the school website for each school’s dress code.

Is there after-school care?

LEARNs provides after-school care at most PUSD campuses.  In addition, please check the school website for additional after-school options.