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Elementary Schools

There are 17 elementary schools within the Pasadena Unified School District.  Our dedicated professionals provide a caring, engaging, and challenging educational experience for every student, every day in partnership with our families and communities. 

We know that each student learns differently.  That is why we offer a variety of options to help each student reach his or her maximum potential by cultivating individual abilities.  Our teams of highly educated, experienced, and innovative teachers with diverse backgrounds deliver differentiated instruction and rigorous curricula.  We are confident that we have what your child needs.  We have the right school for your child and your family, so he or she has a great educational experience. 


·         Altadena Arts Magnet (Arts Magnet & French Dual Immersion) (K-5) 

·         Don Benito Fundamental (K-5)

·         Field Elementary (Mandarin Dual Language Immersion) (K-5)

·         Hamilton Elementary (K-5)

·         Jackson Magnet STEM Dual Language Academy (STEM and Spanish Dual Language Immersion Magnet) (K-5)

·         Longfellow Elementary (TK, K-5)

·         Madison Elementary (TK, K-5)

·         McKinley School (ETK, TK, K-8)

·         Norma Coombs Elementary (TK, K-5)

·         San Rafael  (Spanish Dual Language Immersion) (K-5)

·         Sierra Madre (K-5)

·         Washington Stem Magnet (STEM Magnet) (TK, K-5)

·         Webster (Armenian World Language School, K-5)

·         Willard (International Baccalaureate School. TK, K-5)