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Guidelines for Students and Parents/Guardians

Guidelines for Students and Parents/Guardian

  • All academic Dual Enrollment courses will be aligned to the posted curriculum in PCC
  • Dual enrollment courses and students shall be under the direct supervision of the principal of the their high school (CA Code of Regulations 58056) Courses offered in the school shall be on the current Approved PACT List (Appendix) of PCC (CA Code of Regulations 55002(a)
  • Students must meet all PCC prerequisite requirements before enrolling in a dual enrollment course (CA Code of Regulations 51006, 58051.5, and CA Ed Code 76002)
  • Grades earned by students enrolled in dual enrollment courses will be posted on official PCC and high school transcripts; (CA Ed Code 76220)
  • Students enrolled in dual enrollment courses shall have access to all of the student services programs available at PCC
  • Within the first two weeks of a new semester PUSD will submit a formal roster detailing student names and ID number; All dual enrolled students are required to sign and submit documents required under FERPA law and guidelines for release of grades and transcripts