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Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment 

  • Students who are interested in challenging themselves further have the unique opportunity of taking college courses at PCC main campus or PCC Northwest located at John Muir High School (currently only offered after school).
  • The student is responsible for only paying fees of $24, which includes the health fee, student representation fee, and ASB fees.

To view current offerings

  1. Go to PCC webpage
  2. Select High School under Campus on the right-hand side (only for PCC Northwest)
  3. Click Search on bottom left

 Courses offered at PCC Northwest change every semester.

 Enrollment Steps:

  1. Complete online PCC application at
  2. Once you receive your Lancer ID, go to PCC and take their placement exam if you plan on taking a Math or English course.
  3. Complete PCC Permission to Register Form (must be signed by your high school counselor or Principal along with a copy of your high school transcript)
  4. Submit your PCC Permission to Register Form and a copy of your high school transcript to
  5. You will also need to complete PCC’s Medical Consent Form and email to
  6. Register for the classes you listed on your Permission to Register Form.
  7. For more information, please visit: