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Elementary Immersion Programs

Students in PUSD have the unique opportunity to become bilingual, bi-literate and bi-cultural in English and either French, Mandarin, or Spanish by participating in one of the Dual Language Immersion Programs. Classrooms have English speakers and native speakers, so students support each other in their development of both languages. The program is based on a 90:10 model so in kindergarten 90% of the instruction is in the target language, and 10% is in English. At each grade level, English instruction is increased so that by 4th grade, 50% of instruction is in each language.
For more information on our World Language Program (in Armenian), please click here.


Altadena Arts Magnet, Grades K-5 
743 E. Calaveras Street Altadena, CA 91001 (PHONE) 626-396-5650

Our mission is to develop caring, responsible citizens who embrace a strong sense of self and community. We believe that visual and performing arts are an integral part of a well-rounded education, boosting engagement and achievement.  Students also have the option to participate in our French Dual Language Immersion program.

  • Professional teaching artists collaborate with teachers and a full-time, credentialed arts specialist to integrate arts and academics into every classroom, every day.
  • All students receive weekly instruction in dance, music, theatre, and/or visual arts.
  • French Dual Language Immersion students become bilingual, biliterate, bicognitive, culturally sensitive learners, in addition to participating in the arts.


Field Elementary, Grades TK-5 

3600 E. Sierra Madre Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91107 (PHONE) 626-396-5860

Our Mandarin Dual Language Immersion Program (MDLIP) integrates native Mandarin speakers with non-native Mandarin speakers to promote academic achievement towards bilingualism, bi-literacy, and bi-culturalism for all students.

  • Our program strives for academic language proficiency which encompasses listening, speaking, reading, and writing Mandarin and Simplified Chinese.  This is enhanced by our relationship with our sister school in Beijing
  • A very active parent community that supports classroom instruction, technology integration, library services, student leadership activities, and more.
  • The 12,000 square foot vegetable garden and large fruit orchard allow students  to have a Farm to School program that connects fresh foods with classroom instruction.


Jackson STEM Dual Language Magnet Academy , Grades TK-5  (preschool programs are also available)  
593 W. Woodbury Rd. Altadena, CA 91001 (PHONE) 626-396-5700

We offer an innovative academic program that places a strong emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).  Through our Dual Language Immersion Program (DLIP) option, students learn to read, write, and speak in English and Spanish within a warm, welcoming, and nurturing school environment.

  • All students benefit from our integrated STEM curriculum and hands-on science laboratory staffed by a full-time Science teacher.
  • Our partnership with the Garden School Foundation provides a trained instructor to implement garden-based life sciences and healthy cooking classes utilizing fresh produce from our garden.
  • We have a comprehensive music program for grades K-5 taught by a fully-credentialed bilingual teacher that focuses on choral music in the early grades and prepares students for instrumental music in grades 3-5.

Longfellow Elementary School, Grades TK-5 

1065 E. Washington Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91104 (PHONE)  626-396-5720 

Longfellow's cross-cultural awareness magnet is an inclusive, caring learning community fostered by students' perseverance, courageous expression, and commitment to kindness. Students learn to create positive change in their community through lessons that inspire critical thinking and advocacy. 

  • All students participate in either a weekly Spanish World Language class or the Spanish Dual Language Immersion Program become bilingual, bi-literate, bi-cognitive, culturally sensitive learners.
  • Weekly arts and music lessons foster an appreciation of multiculturalism.

San Rafael Elementary School, Grades K-5 (preschool programs are also available)

 1090 Nithsdale Rd. Pasadena, CA 91105 (PHONE) 626-396-5790

We are a Spanish Dual Language Immersion school that develops bi-cognitive students who meet high academic standards and are models for positive cross-cultural attitudes and behavior. Working together with our highly-engaged community of students, staff, and families, we create lifelong learners who possess an expanded worldview and are prepared to be successful in a global society.

  • There is a strong focus on ensuring that all students are literate in both English and Spanish, and have an appreciation and understanding of all Spanish-speaking cultures.
  • We have a very active parent community that supports key programs including funding a full-time PE teacher, instructional aides, classroom supplies, and field trips for students.
  • Thanks to a very generous private donor, San Rafael is able to provide our students with full-time Cultural Liaison (Art teacher), a primary grade Music teacher (in Spanish), and a spring musical production.


Webster Elementary, Grades K-5 
 2101 E Washington Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91104  (PHONE) 626-396-5740

Webster Elementary will have the honor of offering the very first elementary Armenian world language program in PUSD. The Armenian language program will be available for the 2022/23 school year for kindergarteners and 1st graders and will expand over the next five years through 5th grade. The language program is an option developed to meet the language interests of the Armenian community of Pasadena and Glendale. It provides one daily Armenian Language Arts class per grade level and the remainder of the student’s instructional day will include classes conducted in English. All language immersion classes will be taught by fully-credentialed, bilingual teachers who have additional preparation and expertise in teaching Armenian. Webster Elementary prepares students for the Armenian language program offered at Blair Middle & High School.
For our PUSD News article about Pasadena's Armenian world language program, click this link.


Washington Elementary STEM Magnet  (World Language Model), Grades TK-5  1520 N Raymond Ave Pasadena, CA (PHONE) 626-396-5840

Our IB Primary Years Programme develops students' academic, social, and emotional well-being with a focus on international-mindedness and strong personal values.   

  • All students participate in hands-on environmental studies lessons and in weekly Spanish classes wherein students explore more than 20 Spanish-speaking countries through dance, theatre, and cuisine.
  • Students grow and develop as stewards of the Earth who understand how global communities are connected through our dependence on and responsibilities to the natural environment and each other. 

Willard Elementary School  (World Language Model), Grades TK-5  301 S. Madre St., Pasadena, CA (PHONE) 626-396-5690

Our IB Primary Years Programme develops students' academic, social, and emotional well-being with a focus on international-mindedness and strong personal values.   

  • Our students reflect a variety of cultures, languages, and lifestyles. We embrace the IB values and treat one another with respect, warmth, and a true regard and appreciation for our differences, as well as for all that we share. 
  • All students take daily Spanish classes.