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Questions to Ask College Representatives

Questions to Ask:

Am I eligible for your school with my GPA and test scores? Academic GPA                         
SAT                            ACT                                Subject Tests                                  

Which grade levels do you use to calculate my GPA for admission to your school?

How does your university use repeated D or F grades to calculate your admissions GPA?

How do you view extra community college courses and are they given weighted credit?

What type of accreditation does your school possess? Regional? National?

Is your school “non-profit” or “for-profit”?

What are the most popular areas of study at your university?

Does your college offer a degree in                                  ?

I’m interested in studying ___________________________. How many students major in the area of study that I am interested in?

What distinguishes your school from other schools in this area of study?

How many students receive scholarships to assist with educational costs?

How many years does it take the average student to graduate from your university?

What do the students do for fun? On campus? Off campus?  

What percentages of the students at your university receive financial aid? In what form do students most receive aid, scholarships, study, grants and loans?

How does your school determine who gets scholarships or financial  aid?

Is the school in a small town, rural community, suburb or city?

What types of housing are available for the students on and off  campus?

Do most students live in dorms or off campus? For the: first year,  second year, all years?

How is the food and what food choices are there?  

Is your school culturally diverse?  

What is the male to female ratio at your university?  

Are there:  Athletic or intramural programs? Clubs? Greek Life? Music/ Dance/Theatre groups?

Career Center/Internship assistance?