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Testimonials from Internship Program


“It’s been a great experience for us, we’ve had a number of interns who came back and were hired. One of our managers was an intern here 15 years ago!”
Pathways business partner


“It’s good for the students, our business and our frontline staff. The people working one-on-one with these students get leadership skills they wouldn’t normally get by being a mentor and point of contact. You’re benefiting students and staff all the way around.”
Pathways business partner

Student Testimonials from their Internships

Amy P. - Program Intern / ABC Compnay
“At first, I was unsure about signing-up for the internship program. But I’m glad did because I’ve learned so much about pursuing my likes and avoiding my dislikes.”  
Gilberto A. - Program Intern, University Club
“Working as an intern at The University Club of Pasadena gave me a greater perspective in hospitality. When I first walked into the office, I had no idea how amazing my time there would become. I am now introduced to an amazing field I would love to pursue in the future.”
Leslie L. - Program Intern/ Blaze Pizza
"In working as an intern at Blaze Pizza, I’ve learned a lot about time management, educating myself on industry food standards and working with customers in how-to communicate to them effectively."
Michelle A. - Program Intern/ Law Offices of Donald P. Schweitzer
“I’m currently working at a law firm as a clerk. I was put right to work catching them up on paperwork. I was a welcomed solution to getting the office paper work caught-up. I’m learning daily!” 
Prisma C. - Program Intern/ Shepard’s Door
“My internship program is great because I’ve learned how to manage incoming calls to the office, computer skills,how to work with patients and general office skills.”