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Internship Process & Application

Thank you for your interest in an internship.  Internships allow students to apply career-readiness and academic skills in a workplace setting.


  1. Demonstrated career readiness skills and progress in completing credits for graduation (May include teacher recommendation, attendance, conduct and grades)
  2. Enrolled in a PUSD Academy
  3. Copy of PUSD Student ID
  4. For paid internships only, copy of Social Security card


  1. Complete the application that follows accompanied by a typed statement on the topic: “How do you think an internship will help you towards your career choices, and what strengths will you bring to the work place ?”
  2. Include an up to date resume including CTE course work that reflects special skills.
  3. Provide and active email address that you can check routinely for notification of acceptance and additional requirements to complete the preparation for your internship.

Incomplete applications will not be accepted.

Be sure to have someone else review your application BEFORE submitting it.

DON’T wait until the last minute to submit your application. It is a reflection of your readiness to successfully complete an internship.

Students are encouraged to complete internships in the summer. Limited placements will be available in the Fall and Spring.

If interested, please complete APPLICATION.