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Internship Program

Internships provide realistic, hands- on work experiences for our PUSD students.  They return to the classroom more engaged in their studies with a richer understanding of course materials.  Internships prepare our students for life after high school and inform their decisions about college and careers.
-Dr. Marisa Sarian
Assistant Superintendent, Secondary Education

The Internship Program is a key component of PUSD’s eight Academies, which are designed to prepare students for success in higher education and the workplace in fields of their choice. The Internship Program is designed to give students opportunities to:
  • Apply knowledge and skills from the classroom to the workplace
  • Work with mentors on meaningful projects
  • Practice their critical-thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills
  • Develop self-confidence and discipline
  • Inspire a career choice
  • Add value to the internship hosts’ workplace
Our goal is to prepare students for college, and, ultimately, to go after their dream jobs. Through summer internships, students get a good look into what future careers are actually like so that they can make timely, informed decisions and discover their true passions.
-Dr. Kristina Turley

Coordinator of PUSD’s College and Career Pathways