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How is it Done?


We want to give our students every opportunity to learn about their areas of interest. At the College and Career Academies of PUSD, our students receive all of the following:

  • Career Exploration Conference: Freshman have the opportunity to talk to industry professionals from more than 5 different career areas.
  • Industry Fields Trips: Visit local industry leaders to bring to life what students learn in the classroom.
  • Job Shadowing: Junior students gain insight into the daily realities of their professions of interest.
  • Internships: Students participate in hands-on experience where they can see the importance of their studies first-hand and form valuable connections with industry professionals


We place an extremely high value on first-hand experience so that our students can make informed, inspired choices about their areas of study. Our program includes:

  • Academy Recruitment Fair: 8th grades students can explore what each academy has to offer in order to decide what is right for them.

  • The Capstone Experience: The final project that Academy students are required to complete in their last year of school. The Capstone Experience includes a research paper, project, portfolio, or presentation.