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How Does it Work?

The students choose what (and how) they want to learn. Families have their choice of more than 8 different academies within the 4-zoned high schools in PUSD. Our goal is to prepare students for college and ultimately to go after their dream jobs. And that means they need to have some control over what they want to learn. The Academies are designed to give students a good look into what future careers are actually like, so that they can make timely, informed decisions and discover their true passions.  We strive to link students’ passion with what they learn throughout their high school career

The goal of the Pathways is for every high school graduate to have:

  • met CSU eligibility criteria
  • a plan for post-secondary education and career
  • a work based experience, service learning, or capstone research project
  • college credit and/or a nationally-recognized professional certification