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Positive Attendance Activities for Elementary Schools

The following are great activities that elementary teachers and/or school staff can use in their classrooms to help improve and promote everyday student attendance. At the bottom of this page, you will a list of low-cost incentive and reward ideas students can receive for good attendance.

“Give Me 5” Attendance Challenge for Elementary Students

Create a cut-out of the student’s hand and adhere to the student’s desk. Every day the student is present the student will color one finger. The student can be given a badge to wear and/or be allowed to select a prize on the 5th day of attendance.

LEADER Attendance Challenge for Elementary Students

This classroom activity to promote good attendance comes from Hamilton Elementary. The LEADER sign should be printed and displayed at the front of the classroom. A letter should be colored in for each day that the class has perfect attendance. When you have colored in each letter, the class may choose an activity for a reward. The activity should not cost money (extra chromebook time or extra recess are examples). The main office should celebrate the class in the morning announcements. Click HERE to access and print the LEADER sign below.


 Traveling Attendance Trophy for Elementary Students

This positive attendance strategy comes from Hamilton, Jackson, and Madison Elementary. At the beginning or end of each month, the classroom or classrooms with the best attendance receives a Traveling Trophy for their accomplishment. Some schools award the Traveling Trophy to the one class with the best attendance, while other schools award trophies to the top three classrooms or the top classroom for each grade. Many schools choose to use a stuffed animal school mascot for their trophy, but this can be adapted to what is most appealing to the students at your school. The students take the Traveling Trophy with them to recess, lunch, computer lab, the library, etc. A school assembly takes place at the end of the month (or beginning) where the students present the trophy to the new class with the best attendance. It is recommended that a class cannot win the trophy two months in a row. This will allow the trophy to actually travel and for other classrooms to have the opportunity to win the trophy. In addition to receiving the trophy, the students can also receive a low or no cost incentive for their accomplishment. Incentive ideas are listed at the bottom of this page.

Traveling Trophy

Classroom incentives do not have to be costly. Here are some ideas:

  • Free homework pass; Extra Credit; Extra computer, recess, and free time
  • Award a Class Pass to the student
  • Pencils, pens, stickers, poster, bookmarks, etc.
  • First-in-line privileges
  • Name on Attendance Wall of Fame with a certificate
  • Enjoy class outdoors; Movie day
  • Free tickets to school events