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Alternative to Suspension (ATS)

What is the Alternative to Suspension Program?
ATS is a program operated by the Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA) Department, to provide an alternative classroom setting for students that have been suspended for violating Education Code 48900 that do not mandate expulsion. 6th to 12th grade students may be referred to ATS for 1-3 days as a TIER 2 response to intervention.

What is the benefit of attending ATS?
Students who choose to attend ATS will receive credit for attending school and the suspension will not be reflected on their attendance record and disciplinary action.

ATS is supervised by a credentialed teacher and student advocate who will provide a supportive working environment.

Students will partake in life skills presentations addressing various topics and participate in group activities that will address root causes and promote conflict resolution.


For Grades 6-12

Location: 351 S. Hudson Ave.

Pasadena, CA 91109 Room 202

Personnel Phone Title
Elsa Gutierrez 626.396.3600 ext. 88230 CWA Alternative to Suspension Academic Intervention Teacher

ATS Expectations
Students who attend ATS must:

  • Arrive on time and attend the entire day.
  • Come prepared and ready to work.
  • Follow ATS expectations and district code of conduct.
  • Dress appropriately adhering to school dress code.
  • No cell phones allowed. Be prepared to check in phones upon arrival.

Parents must:

  • Make sure your child attend everyday and arrives on time.
  • Make sure their child comes prepared.
  • Provide or make arrangements for transporting to and from ATS.


  • Breakfast and lunch is provided for all students.
  • Students may choose to bring snacks to eat during their scheduled breaks.

ATS Schedule
Tuesday -Friday 8:30 am-3:00 pm
(Except holidays and black out dates)

8:30-9:00       Check In/Orientation
9:00-9:15       Nutrition
9:15-10:30     Coursework/Data Chats
10:30-11:30   Coursework/RJ/Life Skills
11:30-12:15    Lunch
12:15-1:45     Coursework/ Life Skills
1:45-2:00       Break
2:00-3:00       Coursework/Community Service
3:00               Dismissal

Students will be dismissed promptly at 3:00 on their own unless you contact ATS to make alternate arrangements for your child.

Life Skills Presenters include, but are not limited to:

  • Child Welfare and Attendance
    (Counselor, Mentors for Life, LCSW’s, MSW
    Interns, Foster Youth Advocate, ATS)
  • PUSD College and Career Pathways
  • Impact
  • Young and Healthy
  • Day One
  • Pasadena Mental Health
  • Law Enforcement Community Services
  • Community partners