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Turkey Tussle

Pasadena, also known as the City of Roses, has a rich history of tradition, excellence, and values. Illuminated in this history is athletics. The roots of athletics run deep in Pasadena which is evidenced by the annual Turkey Tussle. Named for the first game in 1947, which was held on Thanksgiving Day, this football event of the year is fought between cross-town rivals John Muir High School and Pasadena High School at the world-class Rose Bowl Stadium, home of the UCLA Bruins.

Since 1947, this annual rivalry has been hard fought between Pasadena High School and John Muir High School for bragging rights and the honor of bringing home the “Bell”. This historic matchup continues to instill a strong sense of school pride for the communities served by PUSD, garners regional attention, and reunites alumni who fly in from all over the country to cheer on their teams. The Pasadena area continues to produce some of the most competitive athletes today who go on to compete at the next level.

There is a sense of pride in this community that is electric, and a competitive spirit that is contagious. Let’s keep the tradition going by supporting our sports programs whether it’s going to a game or making a donation to keep our athletic programs on the map. Whomever you are cheering for at the games, we are all PUSD, and the history that we are living today will be memorialized for many years to come.