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TK-2 Theatre & Dance Explorations

Theatre & Dance Explorations

Theater Explorations/Dance & Community

The PUSD Arts office is proud to continue our early childhood theater and dance programs to all TK-2nd grade and Lower SDC students. It includes: 

  • six-week artist residency in either dance or theater, once a week, 30-45 minutes per session
  • A one hour planning session with teachers and the teaching artist before the residency begins.

The Theatre Explorations residency has been developed and evaluated in partnership with The Music Center and PUSD's Early Education Coach.  Artists will include Kathryn Johnson Schwartz, Peter Kors, and David Prather, among others. The artists lead students through interactive, physicalized reading of age-appropriate literature, introducing vocabulary and concepts of theater.    

The Dance & Community residency  has been developed and evaluated in partnership with The Music Center and introduces students to traditional folk dances from various cultures, focusing on the ways that movement can communicate ideas. Through demonstrations, observations, discussion and dance activities, students learn dance skills and related terminology. 

For both programs, goals are drawn from the Desired Results Developmental Profile (DRDP) as well as the National Core Arts Standards for theater and dance:

  • Work cooperatively to plan and carry out activities
  • Show concern about everyone being treated fairly in collaborative activities
  • Demonstrate understanding of feelings and thoughts of other children
  • Gain socially appropriate strategies to regulate their own feelings or behaviors.
  • Engage in dramatic play, using voice and sound
  • Explore character and settings through theater
  • Express ideas and feelings through movement
  • Demonstrate a range of movements, collaborating safely

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