PUSD Athletics Goals

    • Students will be provided with opportunities to practice, travel, and compete in safe environments and conditions.
    • Students will be provided with opportunities to apply learned skills and strategies effectively in competitive settings.
    • Staff will provide accurate athletic information to students, parents, the community, and the media.
    • PUSD coaching personnel are expected to demonstrate high standards of professionalism and serve as role models for our student-athletes. 
    • PUSD coaching personnel will develop positive parental relationships.
    • PUSD coaching and training personnel will develop strategies to promote community support for our athletic programs, events, and athletes.


    Additional Goals:

    • PUSD will be the first choice for student-athletes in the region.
    • PUSD will have well-maintained fields and athletic facilities
    • PUSD will have competitive teams.
    • PUSD will have relationships with colleges and universities to promote our students-athletes 
    • PUSD will recruit and retain athletic coaches with competitive stipends, training, and support 
    • PUSD will promote the value of athletics, including promotion of teaching and learning
    • PUSD will promote and develop positive character traits (CIF Pursuing Victory with Honor)
    • PUSD will develop success on and off-field for student-athletes