• Archived April 11, 2022: This page was our original webpage presenting the material inviting public participation in the redistricting process, in early 2022. Links to many documents, and video recordings of the public meetings can be found below.

2022 Redistricting: Your children, Your community, Your Input


  • PUSD is in the process of approving a new Board of Education area map for areas of Pasadena, Altadena, and Sierra Madre. Every decade after the US Census, the District’s board area map must be reviewed and, if necessary, redrawn to ensure population balance in all districts.

    Two map scenarios are available for public input, and please help share your feedback on the proposed maps for Scenario Purple and Scenario Green. Join PUSD at one of the three virtual public hearings. 

    PUSD has seven (7) board member areas. After every Census, school districts are required to:
    • Review the population data to determine if board areas are still within allowable variance based on demographics from new census data.
    • Make any necessary adjustments to the areas to ensure population balance.

    **Please note that redistricting applies to voting areas only and does not impact school attendance boundaries.**

    The 2021-2022 redistricting effort will impact the board areas for future elections.  The input of the community is critical to creating a map that provides fair and effective representation for all citizens of the PUSD.

Public Feedback

Downloadable Maps of Redistricting Options

Current District Boundaries (for reference)

Public Hearings

Redistricting Working Documents - Viewable in Google Drive by Clicking the Folder Symbol

Public Requests