Community Service

  • Community Service Requirements 
    The Pasadena Unified School District has adopted new graduation requirements starting with the class of 2019. A new requirement is that all students will complete Community Service or Work-Based Learning hours.  Students enrolled in a traditional diploma path (220 credits)  or alternative learning option (170 credits) are required to complete Community Service and/or Work-Based learning hours.  

    The section below applies only to Community Service hours

    1. Completing ten hours of Community Service per year is recommended.   
    2. PUSD guidelines for Community Service require students work only for a Non- Profit Organization (501c3, tax-exempt status). If the service will be completed through an independent or personal entity, please be sure to get approval beforehand. 
    3. Students who are completing the International Baccalaureate Program and/or Pathways Certification requirements may use hours from those specific programs to fulfill the Community Service/Work-Based Learning hours noted above. 

    Definition of Community Service
    The giving of one’s time, efforts, and skills outside of school class time for the purpose of benefiting the community (local or global), without monetary compensation to oneself or one’s groups or organizations.

    Selection of Community Service Opportunities

    1. Students select a “hands-on” Community Service project of interest and then contact the non-profit organization to sign up.
    2. The non-profit organization must be able to use student volunteers outside of the school day on weekdays or on weekends
    3. Students may receive Community Service hours for volunteering on political campaigns, to benefit an individual, or an issue.  Students may receive hours for working on non-partisan events or working at the polls after school hours. 
    4. Students receive credit for working as “hands-on” support of charitable fundraisers 

    Options for Community Service include but are not limited to the following:
    Humane Society,Museums, Habitat for Humanity, Parks/Recreation Center, Police Station, Senior Citizen Homes, Fire Station, Hospitals, Libraries, Religious Institutions (Church, Mosque, Synagogue, Temple), Tournament of Roses/Float Decoration

    These are not acceptable activities for Community Service 

    1. Babysitting or working at home
    2. Working for a family-based business without pay. 
    3. Sports teams and workouts
    4. School and school activity participation

    Guidelines for Verification Forms

    1. A supervisor from the organization of service must be able to verify the hours completed with a signature and business card.  Parents and students may not sign as a supervisor on the verification form. 
    2. The verification form needs to be completed by the student and turned in to their counselor within one calendar month from the last day of service. If possible, students should make an appointment with the counselor to enter the hours.

    Please see your school counselor, Mr. Simmons for questions regarding community service documents