About the Think Tank

  • PUSD’s Student 2020-21 Think Tank cohort was the first generation of students who formed a cross-district student-led collective that gathered to research and study district and community needs as well as social justice issues in Southern California. Because the program started during the pandemic, students met online for two-hour sessions that helped create connections across campuses. At the end of 10 sessions and student committee meetings, PUSD leadership across the district attended Think Tank presentations to not only hear but to address concerns among its community. To read about the Think Tank's first year in action, please click here.
    During the Think Tank's second year, the student team continued to meet online on Thursday nights, and expanded their research as well as their publication, The Learning Curve. At the end of the 2021-22 school year, students offered a formal presentation to the PUSD's board. The student team also led professional development sessions for teachers as well as made presentations at school sites.  To read about our second year, please click here.

What Cohort One learned through research in 2021... and what every PUSD student needs to know:

  • what we learned

What Cohort One recommended to PUSD administrators and leaders

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  • The Think Tank is open to all PUSD high school students. Juniors and seniors can receive paid internship credit if they complete 60+ hours during the course of an academic year.
    The Think Tank’s 2022-23 deadline has already passed. Please stay connected via our website to learn about our activities in 2022-23.
    You can contact us here and follow us on Instagram here!