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    Pasadena Unified Special Education Programs


    PUSD offers a full continuum of services to meet your child’s needs. 


    RSP-resource specialty program

    SDC MM-special day class mild/moderate

    SDC MS-special day class moderate/severe

    SAI-specialized academic instruction

    AI-academic assist



    Early Childhood:

    Pasadena Unified School District offers early childhood programs at the following school sites:

    These programs provide:


    Elementary School:

    All of our elementary school sites offer Resource Specialist Program (RSP). This program allows students to remain in the general education classroom most of the day and receive specialized academic instruction on a pull out or push basis. When students are pulled out of the general education classroom, a highly trained special education teacher and / or teacher supervised paraeducator provide instruction on an individual or small group basis to address student’s goals.  When a service provider such as a highly trained teacher or para-educator pushes into the general education classroom, the instruction is co-taught or supplemented within the general education classroom.  


    Some of our elementary school campuses have self-contained classrooms. This means that all of the students in the self-contained classroom receive specialized academic instruction by a highly trained special education teacher and paraeducators on the same campus as their general education peers.  In mild-moderate classrooms, the teaching content is aligned to the common core standards but may move at a slower pace and be modified.  The Elementary campuses with mild-moderate self contained classrooms (SDCs) are: