Making needed improvements to existing schools through modernization, technology upgrades, renovation and classroom replacement is key to successfully utilizing Measure O funds. The bulk of PUSD schools were constructed nearly 50 years ago with some of the oldest structures being more than 100 years old. 

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  • Loma Alta ES

    Loma Alta Elementary

  • Cleveland ES

    Sierra Madre Elementary

  • Norma Coombs ES

    Norma Coombs ES

  • Hamilton ES

    Hamilton Elementary


  • Linda Vista ES

    Linda Vista Elementary

  • Noyes ES

    Noyes Elementary

  • Washington ES

    Washington Elementary

  • Willard ES

    Willard Elementary

  • Burbank Campus

    Burbank Campus

  • Eliot Arts Magnet

  • Don Benito ES

    Don Benito Fundamental

  • Cleveland ES

    Cleveland Elementary

  • Longfellow ES

    Longfellow Elementary

  • Field ES

    Field  Elementary

  • Altadena ES

    Altadena Arts

  • Jefferson ES

    Jefferson Elementary

  • Roosevelt ES

    Roosevelt Elementary

  • Audubon Campus

    Audubon Campus

  • Cleveland ES

    San Rafael Elementary

  • Cleveland ES

    Webster Elementary

  • Edison ES

    Edison Elementary

  • Franklin ES

    Franklin Elementary

  • McKinley Fundamental

  • Madison ES

    Madison Elementary

  • Jackson ES

    Jackson Elementary

  • Cleveland ES

    Marshall Fundamental

  • Blair Middle School

    Blair Middle School

  • Wilson Middle School

    Wilson Middle School

  • Octavia Butler Middle School

    Octavia Butler Middle

  • Sierra Madre Middle School

    Sierra Madre Middle

  • John Muir High

  • Rose City HS

    Rose City HS

  • Blair High School

    Blair High School

  • Pasadena High School

    Pasadena High School