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Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Covid-19 Safety Protocols

  • Will temperatures be checked before entering a school or office?

  • What happens if my child has to quarantine? Will my child continue with their learning?

  • What happens if an employee or student tests positive for the virus?

  • What isolation instructions will be given if an employee or student tests positive?

  • Does an employee or student who tested positive need to take another test before returning to work or school?

  • Will schools be cleaned more often?

  • What is the distinction between isolation and quarantine?

  • What should I do if I or anyone in my household has COVID-19 like symptoms?

  • What should an employee do if a member of their household tests positive?

  • What is the quarantine policy for students or staff considered a "close contact" to someone who tested positive for the virus?

  • What should I do if my child or I are in close contact with someone suspected of being positive for COVID-19?

  • Do household members of close contacts have to take the same precautions?

  • Do vaccinated students without symptoms have to quarantine with their class?

  • What determines if a class will close or a school will close because of an outbreak?

  • What is a “close contact” to a case and what does it mean to be a close contact?

  • Will I know about an outbreak in my student's school?

  • I was tested for COVID-19 at a non-PUSD site, and tested positive. What should I do?

  • What is considered the first day of quarantine?