PUSD Foster Youth Efforts

  • STARS Foster Youth Resource Centers
    We are currently operating STARS Foster Youth Resource Centers on four PUSD campuses, including John Muir High School, Eliot Arts Middle School, Octavia E. Butler Academy, McKinley, and Rose City High School. 

    The goal of the STARS Resource Centers is to build the potential of youth in foster care by:

    1. Build community among students in foster care
    2. Sharing community resources
    3. Build a college-going culture

    STARS Volunteer Position Description-COMING SOON!
    STARS Volunteer Role

    1. Volunteers at middle school or high school to achieve personal and academic goals
    2. Support foster youth students through one-to-one or group
    3. Serve as a positive role model and friend
    4. Plan and participate in activities with and for STARS students
    5. Communicate with STARS students openly and non-judgmentally
    6. Establish a relationship based on equal responsibility and respect
    7. Encourage and support students in the STARS program

    Time Commitment

    1. One academic school year with STARS program
    2. Spend a minimum of one hour per week with STARS students
    3. Attend an initial two-hour training session and additional training as required

    Participation Requirements

    1. Be interested in working with students
    2. Be willing to adhere to all program policies and procedures
    3. Be dependable and consistent in meeting the time commitments
    4. Be willing to communicate regularly with program staff
    5. Be willing to receive constructive feedback regarding STARS activities


    1. Personal fulfillment through contribution to the community
    2. Satisfaction in helping youth mature, progress, and achieve goals 
    3. Training sessions allow you to learn skills valuable to employees
    4. Personal ongoing support, and supervision to help you grow professionally
    5. Establish meaningful connections in the Pasadena Unified School District

    Click here to view the STARS Volunteer Application

    Foster Youth Welcome Meetings
    Youth in Foster Care early Interventionist meets with youth who are new to the district monthly, to welcome them to PUSD. In these meetings, the early interventionist attempts to find out areas of academic needs, and introduce students to school staff such as counselors, as well as make sure that students have everything they need to be successful such as school ID, books and lockers and much more. young people have a smooth transition to PUSD.  

    Foster Youth Advisory Committee (Formerly the Foster Youth Guardians, Parents and Advocates Committee)
    The Foster Youth Advisory Committee is a space for foster parents, guardians and the community to get involved in their student's education and to obtain information about district services for foster youth. The Foster Youth Advisory Committee is currently working on a five-point work plan for the improvement for the district, which includes: trauma-informed care, delivery of mental health services, and access to district services and programs.

    The committee meets the third Thursday of every month from 11:30 am-1:30 pm at the Foothill Campus of Pasadena City College, 2025 E. Foothill Blvd, Bungalow 5

    Counseling Supports

    Academic Counseling Services

    We have two academic counselors who work exclusively between the 6th-12th grade at all secondary sites/programs.