• We are in the initial stages of planning for our project. We are creating a team consisting of staff members, teachers, and parents who will aid in the design for the campus. Once we have a few different options we will share the designs with our whole Jackson community and our students for more input and will then finalize the design. Meanwhile, there will be preparation happening on campus as the area is prepped for future construction. There should be little to no disruption to our students during the school year and our hope is to break ground as soon as school lets out next year, June of 2022. My goal is to keep you updated as much as possible throughout the entire process. As with any construction project, timelines and deadlines can change, so please be patient with us and the process and remember the end result will be AMAZING! Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns about the project at brookekind81@gmail.com.


    For those interested in being a part of the green team that will help with the ongoing maintenance of the finished project please contact me at brookekind81@gmail.com.