• Mission Statement:

    The Rhino Club's purpose is to help save the endangered rhino species. We will fundraise money and give the funds to the Save The Rhino international organization.

    From Club President Federico Calchi Novati:

    "The Rhino Club is devoted to contributing to the failing rhino species (two rhino species currently have only about 80 members left in the world!). In our meetings, we discuss our current plans, and also have fun activities to learn more about the species we are saving. There are the occasional kahoots, and every week an informational video about rhinos is sent out to each of the members (more learning!). It is a middle school club, and it began to form after I read a book that began to make me pensive on the rhino situation. Then I realized that a great way to raise awareness to this tragedy and help its countercause would be to start a club about it. And so I did! We have had one fundraiser (at Chipotle), on January 27th, in which we got $152.87. We will continue to do our best and save more rhinos!"