Courses and Textbooks for the 2020-2021 Academic Year

  • Armenian I and II (Basic):

    • Written and conversational Armenian for students with no knowledge of the language (Western and Eastern)
    • Students learn the Armenian alphabet, read and comprehend simple texts, and carry a basic conversation
    • Emphasis on reading and comprehension, grammar rules, and basic composition

    Armenian III and IV (Basic):

    • Designed to develop students’ ability to communicate further orally and in writing in Armenian (Western and Eastern)
    • Consolidating knowledge of grammar, increasing vocabulary, and developing reading, comprehension, and writing.

    Armenian I and II (Advanced)

    • Reading and analysis of 19th-century Armenian romanticism (Eastern and Western)

    Armenian III and IV (Advanced)

    • Reading and analysis of post-WWII Armenian literature (Diasporan and Republic of Armenia)


Armenian I & II Textbook
The Song of the Bread - Poetry Collection
Turbulent - Poetry Collection
Lo - Contemporary Poetry
Fayton Alec - Poem