• How to Checkout Books

    Are you ready to borrow some of our AMAZING books?

    Here's what you need to know...

    • Purpose:  JMHS would like to provide drive through service every other Thursday from 1:30-4:00 pm for students to pick up library books to read. At the drive through service behind the library, students would be able to:

      • Pick up previously reserved books (students can do this through Destiny Discover) that are packaged & labeled for them and ready to be handed off into their cars.
      • Observe from their vehicle or from behind a rope at 6 ft distance, a curated collection of popular books to request for curbside checkout service. 
      • Return library books to a return bin.

      Safety: To make sure that the service is safe for everyone involved, we will adhere to the following:

      • Staff working the curbside pickup will wear a mask at all times and gloves will be offered to those touching common items such as books.
      • Staff will sanitize hands before and after handling books for each student. 
      • We will require that all participants maintain proper physical distancing of 6 ft, with arms extended when exchanging books.
      • Books will be quarantined after they are returned to the site for at least 72 hours before being checked in and made available to the next student. 
      • Students will not be allowed to handle available books. They will view them from a distance to make requests if they did not make a prior reservation.

    Here are the steps to reserve a book ahead of time.

    Step 1: Login to Destiny Discover

    Click here to go to Destiny Discover. (Links to an external site.)

    Click Log In

    Then click PUSD SSO Login

    Step 2: Browse our Catalog

    Search for books using key words, explore books through the topics buttons, or view collections.

    Once you find a book you want to check out, click on the icon or title of the book.

    Click HOLD

    This book will now be on hold for you. :)

    Step 3: Pick up your book at the Library Book Drive Through

    **The Library Book Drive Through is open every other Thursday from 1:30-4 pm.  Please see the Calendar below.**

    Enter campus through the Wyoming/Forest Gate.

    Proceed to the back door of the library.

    WEAR A MASK that covers your mouth and nose!

    Stay behind the lines/rope while we get your book.

    Library Book Drive Through Calendar