School Sites Needs Assessments

  • The District engaged Swift Lee Office, PJHM, and Flewelling & Moody architectural firms to assess each campus based on 12 categories and provide recommendations and cost estimates based on their Needs Assessments.  The 12 categories assessed are listed below and are further described in each assessment document:
    1. Technology Infrastructure
    2. State Mandates
    3. Safety and Security
    4. Path to Zero Net Energy and Water Conservation
    5. Program Improvements
    6. 21st Century Learning & Flexible Classrooms
    7. Modernization & Reconfiguration
    8. Physical Education & Play Area Improvements
    9. Multi-Purpose Spaces and Food Service Improvements
    10. Site Improvements
    11. Outdoor Learning Classrooms and Gardens
    12. Intelligent New Construction

    Needs Assessments do not constitute actual planned projects but will be the foundation for future project planning

Summary of School Sites Needs Assessment Reports

Elementary Schools

Secondary Schools