• Membership and Advisory Council Structure
    2020/21 School Year

    Community Partners
    EESA has approximately one hundred community partners, who participate as time permits to provide resources and support to EESA teachers and students. Their participation in specific program activities leverages their subject matter expertise with a minimum commitment of time. Details on how Community Partners can contribute can be found at Community Partner Opportunities

    Advisory Council (AC)
    The AC consists of about twenty-five active members, who provide leadership and interact with EESA Faculty and JMHS Principal in regular Monthly Meetings to advance initiative and develop ideas.
    The AC works with the Community Partners to mobilize enrichment resources as needs are identified by EESA Faculty and Students. AC Members also chair and/or actively participate in sub-Committees.

    Chair: Currently Open (Responsibilities handled in rotating assignments)
    Treasurer: Paula Arvedson
    Secretary: Open (Urte Barker, temporary)

    Marketing and Communications Committee
    Focus: PTSA Liaison, EESA Web Site, EESA Community Liaison

    Work Based Learning Committee
    Focus: Guest Speakers, Field Trips, College Liaison, Internships, Engineering Week

    Environmental Science Committee
    Focus: Advise Faculty on curriculum development, provide perspective from academia and/or business community, provide resources and classroom enrichment programs

    Resource Development Committee
    Treasury, Fundraising and Business Partner Recruitment

    After School Program Support
    EESA’s Solar Cup Team 
    Generation Green
    ACE Mentor Program

    AC Members
    Mitch Aiken, Caltech
    Paula Arvedson, CSULA
    Urte Barker
    Erik Berg
    Jan Berkeley
    Brian Biery, Collaborate Pasadena
    Jessica Bowles-Martinez, Pankow
    Chris Garcia, Pankow
    Billy Chang, Di-No Computers, Inc.
    Barbara Ishida, 301 Organics
    Liz Jackman, Caltech Y
    Christine Lenches-Hinkel, 301 Organics
    Steve Manion, JPL
    Myasha Myles
    Martin Ramirez
    Annie Richardson, JPL
    Joel Robinson
    Donavin Savella, Bastion Technologies
    Lupita Solano, US Forest Service
    Charles Thomas, OBA
    Scott Uriu, Baumgartner & Uriu
    Eric Wilson, DUDEK Environmental
    Terence Yeoh, Aerospace
    Rachel Zimmerman-Brachman, JPL

    Monthly Meetings
    Second Tuesday of each month during the school-year
    3:30 PM to 5:30PM on Zoom for foreseeable future.
    Mitch Aiken, Caltech Zoom Host

    October 13, 2020
    November 16, 2020
    December 15, 2020 
    January, 12, 2021
    February, 9, 2021 
    March 9, 2021
    April 13, 2021 
    May 11, 2021
    June 6, 2021