• Parent Involvement in Academy Advisory Boards

    Endless Possibilities

    Attend Monthly Advisory Council meetings to see and hear what Community Partners are working on to support your students and teachers.

    Communicate this information to other parents through PTSA or other venues available.

    You’ll gain a better understanding of the available enrichment activities available to your student allowing you to encourage your student’s participation.

    Opportunity to bring a parent’s perspective and insight to the Advisory Council, i.e. what needs do the parents perceive that the Council is not aware of, but could help with???

    Act as chaperone on field trips... in future, we hope!

    Assist with identifying potential Community Partners in your neighborhood, who may want to become part of the program.

    Help students and teachers with identification of community based projects that students could work on as part of their research or project assignments.

    Assist with special events like:
    Engineering Week (Feb 2021)
    Business Week
    Earth Day
    John Muir Open House


    Engineering and Environmental Science
    Angie Uriu

    Arts, Entertainment & Media
    Cynthia Lake

    Business & Entrepreneurship
    Louis Bond