Business Week

  • Business Week will be from February 26 through March 5.  More information regarding Business Week will be posted as we get closer to these dates.

    Tentative Schedule

    Friday February 26th   

    Real Talk - 9thand 10thgraders 4th period (9:50am to 11am) seniors 

    Real Talk - 11thand 12thgraders 4th period (9:50am to 11am) Past Graduates           

    Monday March 1st    

    Online Business Games - All students

    Tuesday, March 2nd    

    Resume Reviews - 10th grade 1stPeriod (8:30am to 9:40am)


    Wednesday, March 3rd (online)

    Bite of Reality - 10th and 11thgrade  (this is being organized by Pasadena Service Federal Credit Union)

    Resume Reviews - 10th grade 8th Period (1:00pm to 2:10pm)


    Thursday, March 4th  

    Career Exploration Fair - All grades 1st(8:30am to 9:40am) and 3rdperiod (9:50am to 11am)

    We are seeking companies and individuals interested in taking a part. We’d love it if partners can attend for both sessions but we are flexible. The goal is to explain to the students about your industry and the skills/education needed for success. You can make it as creative/interactive as possible for total engagement. All grade levels will be coming through the career fair between these two class periods.

    Friday, March 5th 

    Mock Interviews - 11th graders 2ndPeriod (8:30am to 9:40am)                      

    Mock Interviews - 11th graders 4th period (9:50am to 11am)

    Students are gearing up for summer internships. We need the business community to provide a practice round on their interview skills and resume review. I am inviting all professionals to help us out with this important step towards internship readiness.