AEM Career Day

  • AEM Career Day will be on February 22, 2021.  More details to come.

Art Center College of Design

  • Art Center Spring 2021 Classes for FREE

    Art Center College of Design is offering 5 classes to students from 2:10- 3:30 PM, via zoom, starting February 22, 2021. Students/ parents must complete all portions, including the scholarship information on the Registration Form. All questions and applications should be forwarded to Ms. Cynthia Lake at lake.cynthia@pusd.usSUBMIT REGISTRATION FORM BY: Wednesday, February 17, 2021.


    Intro to Characters ACT-400M-02
    Instructor: Ron Llanos
    Mondays, Feb. 22 – March 22
    Learn to develop characters from the inside out starting with simple shapes and working to more complex shapes. Work on sketching characters from different angles and do a bust turnaround.

    NEW Intro to Transportation Design ACT-404M-01
    Instructor: Thomas Kim
    Mondays, Feb. 22 – March 22
    Do you love cars? In this hands-on class, you’ll create exciting car designs using a variety of industrial drawing, sketching, illustration and presentation techniques. This class serves as an introduction to transportation design as a profession. Learn fundamental design principles and procedures that make your design the best it can be.

    Fashion Sketching ACT-401M-02
    Instructor: Yelen Aye
    Wednesdays, Feb. 24 – March 24
    Create stylized fashion sketches that are bold and expressive, yet loose and casual. Learn anatomical exaggerations and explore various methods and mediums to develop your own unique style and vision for fashion. This is a fun and creative sketching workshop.

    Filmmaking from Script to Screen ACT-402M-02
    Instructor: Diana Keeler
    Wednesdays, Feb. 24 – March 24
    Follow the journey of a film—from the birth of a concept to marketing the final product. Explore stages of putting a film together, including screenwriting, cinematography, sound design, and editing. Complete a short film, gaining hands-on experience with different roles. Access to a digital camera (cell phones are fine) and a computer or tablet for editing is required.

    Comic Book Illustration & Storytelling ACT-403M-02
    Instructor: Alan Lawrence
    Fridays, Feb. 26 – March 26
    Create your own mini comic while you learn the skills that comic artists use to make their work eye-catching, pro-quality, and unique. Explore penciling and inking, page layout and storytelling. Develop an understanding of form, light and shadow, line weight, hatching techniques, composition and basic principles of good comic design.

Queerantin Sanctuary

  • Side Street Project's current artist-in-residence jas lin (they/them) is hosting ♡ queerantine sanctuary ♡ a virtual community and art space for PUSD LGBTQIA+ high school students & friends. The group will meet online every Saturday 3pm–4:30pm from Feb 27 to Mid-April

    Sign-ups are open until Sunday, February 14th.

    Here is the sign-up form.