Tiered Attendance Supports for Distance Learning

  • Beginning of School Year Attendance Supports

    Student No Shows

    • A student is considered a NO SHOW if they are deemed absent (i.e., no participation in distance learning) on 8/17/2020, 8/18/2020, and 8/19/2020.

    • Schools should make a conscientious effort to contact students/guardians that are deemed absent and address any barriers a student may have to accessing the distance learning curriculum.

    • No Show Students should be dropped on Wednesday, August 19, by the end of the day.

    • A student must be absent all three days to be considered a NO SHOW. If they are present on any one of the three days, they should be counted and not dropped.

    • Schools should submit their list of No Show Students to the Office of Child Welfare, Attendance, and Safety on Thursday, August 20 or extended date if applicable

    • The Office of Child Welfare, Attendance, and Safety will provide outreach and supports to each No Show Student. Supports provided will vary depending on the needs of the student/family and may include a home visit, if warranted.

    Ongoing Attendance Supports

    Per Education Code 43504 (d), LEAs must document daily participation for each pupil on each school day that the student participates in distance learning for any portion of the day. Daily documentation may include evidence of participation in online activities, completion of regular assignments, completion of assessments, and contacts between teachers and students or parents/guardians. LEAs that fail to meet the minimum documentation requirements will be penalized through the withholding of apportionment.


    SB 98 provides a grace period, in which LEAs will not be subject to penalties for instruction provided before September 1, 2020.


    Although there is a grace period with attendance until 9/1/2020, it is important that PUSD schools and district personnel provide Tier 1 and Tier 2 outreach to ensure that all students are engaged and participating in distance learning.

    Tier 1 Supports


    • A student’s teacher is the first line of support when a student fails to participate in distance learning activities and is marked absent. Teachers should reach out to students/parents by all available means (phone calls, emails, and texts).

    • NOTE: Although teachers are the first line of support, attendance clerks should continue to clear absences.

    • When a student has missed three or more days in a week or five days in a month, a more individualized response by school staff is appropriate. At this point, schools should hold a meeting with the student and guardians to discuss the importance of their learning participation and provide resources to ensure that the student is re-engaged.

    • All student check-ins and interventions should be documented in Aeries.

    Tier 2 Supports


    • Referrals to the Office of Child Welfare, Attendance, and Safety should be made when a student misses an entire week of distance learning activities or more than 12 days in a month.

    • CWAS staff will provide on-going support and check-ins as needed.

    • NOTE: CWAS will NOT accept referrals for students that do not have any previously documented attendance/participation interventions in Aeries.

     Tier 3 Supports


    • The Office of Child Welfare, Attendance, and Safety will implement Tier 3 supports if Tier 2 supports have failed to re-engage the student in distance learning.

    • Tier 3 supports will include visits to the student’s home by attendance chasers