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    In order for parents to access their child's preschool Canvas account, parents must log in to the PUSD Clever Portal. To do this you must have your child's student ID number, PUSD issued email/username, and their PUSD issued password. 

    Please retrieve your child's ID number from their teacher if you do not have their student ID number. 

    Student PUSD Email Address 

    PUSD student email is the first two letters of their last name, last 4 digits of student ID, first two letters of the first name, two-digit month, and the two-digit day they were born. @pusd.us

    EXAMPLE: (Name) Joe Colorado (Student ID) 123456 (Birth Date) 12/12/15

    Email: Co3456Jo1212@pusd.us 

    Student PUSD Username 

    Same as the Email address without @pusd.us

    EXAMPLE: (Name) Joe Colorado (Student ID) 123456 (Birth Date) 12/12/15

    Username: Co3456Jo121

    PUSD Student Password

    PUSD student password is first the first letter of their first name capitalized, the first letter of their last name lower case, and their full student ID. 

    EXAMPLE: (Name) Joe Colorado (Student ID) 123456

    Password: Jc123456

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    CLEVER Portal Login 

    CLICK Below to go to Clever 

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    You will be directed to a PUSD login page asking: 

    1. Log in using your child's Google account, this will take you to a PUSD log in page. 

    2. Enter your child's USERNAME

    3. Enter your child's PASSWORD

    4. You will be redirected to the Clever Portal







    1. Enter the student portal through CLEVER

    2. Click on the CANVAS app

    3. Accept your student's teacher invitation to their classroom. 

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