Homework Policy

  • Hamilton Homework Policy

    Homework serves many important purposes.  It reinforces academic skills, teaches research skills, and helps students learn to develop ideas and become life-long learners.
    Homework is the responsibility of the student; students need to develop regular study habits and do most of the work independently.  At times, long-term assignments may require the assistance of the parent.
    According to PUSD Board Policy, students in grades 1-3 are expected to spend an average of 30 minutes a day on homework.  Students in grades 4-5 should average 45 minutes a day on homework, four to five days a week.  Homework in kindergarten is designed to stimulate discussion between students and parents.
    Hamilton’s homework plan for our students has been developed after extensive research:


    Read for 15 minutes daily.
    Complete simple assignments and projects
    First – Third Grades

    Read for 20 minutes daily
    Complete simple assignments including decodable books, high frequency word practice, math facts, journal writing, unfinished work, etc.
    Do math homework
    Work on long-term projects
    Fourth – Fifth Grades

    Read for 30 minute daily
    Do a 15-minute journal entry and/or writing assignment
    Complete any math, science, reading, or social studies assignments or projects not finished in class
    Work on long-term projects