Marshall Fundamental High School AP Capstone Award Winners

  • Student Institution Project
    Steven Amador Chico State University Effectiveness of Drug Prevention Programs Aimed at Teenagers
    Caeden Becker Baylor University Students’ Perceptions and Cultural Values Regarding Personal Histories
    Manoj Bonam University of Wisconsin, Madison: Evaluating the Effectiveness of Zinc Manganese Dioxide Chemistry for Flow Batteries
    Oisin Cleary   Examining the Los Angeles Superior Court Plea Bargaining System
    Claudia d’Auria Carleton College Ocean Acidification Awareness and Action in Southern California Coastal Communitie
    Sarin Dochoghlanian UC Santa Barbara The Socioeconomic Effects of Genetically Engineered Individual
    Hannah Gray UC Santa Barbara A Biocultural Approach to Explaining the Enjoyment of Horror Moviess
    Toshiki Kizer San Francisco State University: The Effects of the 1970 Desegregation of Pasadena schools on Affected Black Students
    William Krestow University of Toronto Differentiation of Human Gene Ethics Between the Public and Scientific Communities
    Zoe Lodeiro UC Santa Barbara: Transition Year Students’ Attitudes Toward Gender Roles
    Martha Makundi University of Southern California No Black Child Left Behind: A Close-examination of Education Inequity
    Mkrtich Margaryan Occidental College The Effects of Spyurk in Pasadena
    Aaron Martinez Pasadena City College The Evolution of Jazz
    Xiomara McDonald Johns Hopkins University A Cross-Sectional Evaluation of the Reflection of a Common Core Education in Problem Solving and Preparedness in Students Grades 8-12
    Krishna Melendez UC Merced Analyzing the Validity of the Insanity Plea
    Jordan Patton University of Southern California Community Relations Between Pasadena Police Department and Black Residents
    Millie Root UC San Diego Evaluating the Arts' Effect on STEM and their Potential Respective Value
    Roaa Shaheen Yale College Tryptophan Hydroxylase 2: Discovering a Biological Explanation for the Distinctions Between the Antithetical Personalities
    Prince Takano Princeton University The Influence of Classical Music on Film Scores
    Emily Yung UC Berkeley A Holistic Evaluation of Affirmative Action and Collegiate Racial Climates