General FAQ

  • How will PUSD schools reopen in 2020-2021?

  • How long will PUSD schools be dismissed?

  • Are all PUSD facilities physically closed?

Remote Learning

  • How do I access my student's remote learning?

  • What are the expectations for remote learning?

  • Will student work be graded?

  • Will standardized tests still occur?

  • What about PUSD Senior Defense requirements?

  • What about graduation ceremonies?

Food Service FAQ

  • Does PUSD provide meals for students?

  • Is there a cost?

  • I don’t have transportation. Is there a way to get it delivered?

  • Will this operate during the summer months?

Technology FAQ

  • How can I get help with my student’s Chromebook?

  • Can I get a hotspot for my student?

  • How can I print from a Chromebook?

  • How do I log in to Chrome Browser?

  • How are teachers and students communicating?

Social Emotional Well-Being FAQ

  • How should I talk to children about Coronavirus?

  • Who can I call if I need social emotional help for my child?

Health FAQ