• Image Guidelines for Remote Learning

    Goals for remote learning

    • To maintain relationships within our learning community
    • To reinforce learning and minimize skill regression
    • To connect all students to the most essential learning

    Guiding Principles

    • We are in this together. We prioritize the relationships and mental well-being of all members of our learning community. Much of this is as new to teachers as it is to families and students, so we encourage patience and flexibility as we navigate this unusual setting together. 
    • Less is more. When covering new content, we have asked teachers to focus on only the most essential topics.  Anticipate covering significantly less content than would normally be accomplished in an in-person setting. All students are facing this situation and schools will make future adjustments. 
    • Students should be able to participate in learning. We will prioritize asynchronous lessons & assignments that can be accessed at times convenient to the family. If you have trouble accessing, please contact your child's teacher first. 


    • This year's schedule includes routine times for live class meetings, small group instruction, and offline lessons & assignments. Families are also urged to help students set up routines that are predictable for students.
    • PUSD will provide live lessons every day. Additional lessons & assignments can be accessed at times convenient to the family. We are aware of the varying schedules and demands on a family’s availability, so we will continue to maintain videos, tasks and resources that can be viewed repeatedly at any time (asynchronous learning). 
    • Live meetings (synchronous learning) will be used for daily instruction as well as for office hours or small groups at pre-scheduled times.
    • Per Education Code, grading will continue to be at the discretion of the teacher during this time.
    • PUSD asks that students use our secure web tools, such as PUSD email accounts, Canvas, and live meetings on Webex.


John Muir High School 2020-21 Remote Learning Schedule

Remote Schedule