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    To our PUSD families, during this time in which we can not be together, we still want to be a part of your child's growth. All of our teachers have made attempts to reach you to set up accounts through CLASS DOJO or GOOGLE CLASS. If you have not been in touch with your child's teacher, please email the ECE department at earlychildeducation@pusd.us so we can reconnect you and your child with their teacher. Teachers will be reaching out to families with at-home learning activities that will assist them with their growth at home. As we spend time apart rest assure that we are planning and taking every precaution necessary according to state and district regulations. We hope to see you all soon. 

     COVID-19 Parent Questions and Answers 

    What are the new policies and requirements for the classroom?

    New policies have been placed to ensure the safety of all children and staff members in our program. Parents will no longer have access to the classroom. Instead, they will be greeted at the gate where a staff member will take the temperature of the child and ask a few questions to the parent before being granted access to the classroom. 

    Drop off and pick up times will be staggered as much as possible. Parents will be asked to stand six feet apart and to wear face coverings when dropping and picking up children. 


    How will staff be monitored and what are they required to use? 

    All staff members will be required to check their temperature daily before being permitted to start their workday.

    All staff will be required to wear a face mask and will be provided with a face shield. Children who attend the program will also be encouraged to wear a face mask.  


    What will the preschool classroom look like this fall?

    The classrooms set up will be changed to ensure that social distancing is being practiced. Children will sit 6 feet apart from one another and will have some materials assigned solely for their use.

    Children will also remain with the same teachers or staff with each group and include children from the same family in the same group, to the greatest extent possible.

    Certain activities or toys such as play clothes and soft furnishings will be put away since they are items that cannot be easily disinfected after each use.

    Other activities that can be easily cleaned will remain in the classroom but will be disinfected after each use.

    The classroom will be disinfected on a regular basis and sanitation practices will be enhanced so that children are washing their hands after each transition (this is practiced already). Classrooms with windows will be opened to introduce fresh air as much as possible. Those without windows will keep their doors open to allow air to circulate. 


    How will the outdoor playtime be affected?

    Playground use will be staggered in groups and disinfected after each use.  Children will remain in groups as small as possible. Should these guidelines differ from local health ordinances, follow the stricter guidelines.

    We will try to use Opportunities to reduce time spent indoors by bringing children outside, weather permitting while maintaining physical distancing. We will also offer more opportunities for individual play.  


    How will napping be facilitated?

    For napping, place cots, and mats will be placed 6 feet apart, with heads in opposite directions. 


    How will meals be handled? 

    Meals will no longer be served family-style but will be provided as a boxed lunch. Staff will continue to practice good hygiene before/after handling food and will continue to wear gloves.


    What happens if someone reports they may have COVID-19?

    If someone does become infected or reports they may have been exposed to someone with COVID, our agency will contact the local health department for further instructions (this is required). After the information has been obtained and we are permitted to contact families, notifications will be made. If directed to do so, the agency will be closed temporarily until permitted to return. 

    What are the requirements for children to be home if they are sick or coughing or sneezing? Are there extra requirements until a vaccine is available for COVID-19?

    Children who are obviously ill with fever, diarrhea, vomiting, green-runny nose, puss/oozing eyes, disease or condition (i.e.- ringworm, head lice, chickenpox, measles, mumps, pink eye, fever over 100 degrees, etc.) will not be admitted to the program. It is a danger to other children and staff members at our facility.

    If you have any doubts about your child’s health, please call us at (626) 396-5762 x 10070 to be sure they may attend. If your child appears to be sick or has any of the above while at school, we will notify the parent or guardian immediately, it will be necessary the child is picked up within one hour of notification.

    The child will be permitted to return when his/her temperature is normal for 72 hours without the aid of fever-reducing medication. Your child must have any prescribed medication, such as antibiotics, in his/her system for at least 72 hours before returning. In the event your child is sent home with one of the above health concerns, they will not be permitted back to their school site without a doctor’s note. The doctor’s note must be written on their letterhead and read that the child can return to school because what they have is no longer contagious.

    We ask that all parents and staff let us know of any potential exposure immediately. A potential exposure means being a household contact or having close contact within 6 feet of an individual with confirmed or suspected COVID- 19 for at least 10 minutes. The timeframe for having contact with an individual includes a period of 48 hours before the individual became symptomatic. If there is a positive case of COVID-19 in a child or an adult who has been present in the childcare center, we will inform our local health department, school district, and our parents.

    If a child suffers from allergies, a medical note will be needed authorizing permission for the child to be in school.

    Monthly Fees. How will families be charged?


    Subsidized Families:

    Families who qualify for state-funded preschool and who have a monthly family fee will continue to pay the monthly tuition following title 5 regulations. Unless stated otherwise by legislation directives.


    Full Fee/Self-Supporting Families:

    Monthly tuition is broken up into 10 equal payments. Payments will not be pro-rated. Families will be responsible for all fees. In the event that distance learning is to take place once more, families will continue to be charged for online teaching that will be provided by their site teacher. Those who wish not to participate in online learning will need to request services to be terminated. Therefore, relinquishing their spot in the program. 

    How are breaks handled for teachers (same person relieving only a few classes)?  

    Our agency will work to ensure that children are kept with the same teaching staff and children as much as possible. 


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