• This event culminated the 2016 Drought Innovation Challenge at Marshall Fundamental. 150 Marshall students took the metro to the Metropolitan Water District in Los Angeles where 24 of the top students presented to a distinguished panel of experts.

    Geosytec Montgomery Watson Harza; Trussell Technologies Carollo, and EW Consulting, Inc. donated prizes to all the students and Metropolitan Water District and Pasadena Water & Power provided lunch for everyone.


    Honorable Mention:

    • Lose the Salt to Save California

    Krish Nayar, Jerry Bronkar, German Perez, and Benjamino Cruz

    Most Innovative:

    • Saving California One Drop at a Time

    Alexander Evers

    Most Achievable:

    • Water we Going to Do About the Drought?

    Christian Tran and Michael Astourian

    Best Presenter:

    • Cover Your Assets

    Lennon Holden

    Best Paper:

    • Going on a Water Diet

    Belen Gasca

    Water Hero:

    • The California Drought is a Serious Problem

    Antoine Moats

    Additional School Wide Winners

    • Dangerous Drought:

          Valentina de la Pena and Diana Zambrano

    • Not a Gray Area for the Drought:

    Arianah Rizzo and Bess Brandow

    • Every Drop Goes to the Ocean  

    Cadence Fisher and McCarley Root

    • California Water Crisis

    Emma Hartley with Hannah Owen

    • Saving California, Drop by Drop and Day by Day

    Alexia Dowell

    • Water Warning

    Elena Carrillo, Maggie Runkle Edens, and Tegwyn John,

    • Out of Time and Out of Water

    Alyssa Tracy and Daniela Contreras