• Introduction to French and the Arts at Altadena

    French Language Arts Program 

    Class Environment 

    The classroom will provide a nurturing environment so it may promote physical, social, emotional, creative, linguistic and cognitive development of each child through developmentally and culturally appropriate practices. 

    French Language

    Preschool students will prepare for kindergarten by learning basics, such as the alphabet, and numbers. Students will be exposed to the language and culture through books, stories, music, and the arts. 

    Staff: Preschool teacher, French speaking intern, French speaking staff. 


    Preschool students will receive an arts integrated education that aligns with Altadena Arts Magnet School's mission and vision. Students will be involved in creating visual art projects, dramatic play, and will have several performing arts opportunities as members of the whole school community. With an active Parent Teacher Association, Preschool parents are welcome to engage in the thriving parent body of AAM through volunteerism and fundraising.  

    School Hours 

    Monday - Friday 7:50am - 2:15pm  


    Annual registration fee of $50 and annual field trip fee of $25

    Monthly tuition fee $850


     * Preschool does not guarantee placement in the Elementary school for kindergarten. It is the parents' responsibility to follow district procedure for the school application process.