Wilson Information

  • Why is Wilson Middle School closing?

    Given the ongoing challenges of lower birth rates, rising housing costs, and the resulting impact on enrollment and funding, the Board of Education authorized the closing of a middle school at a regular meeting on October 24, 2019.

    When will Wilson Middle School close?

    Classes and the normal school schedule will continue until the school year ends in May 2020. The school will be closed starting in the 2020-2021 school year.

    Where will Wilson Middle School students attend school in 2020-2021?

    Parents/guardians have three options:

    1. Simply register at newly designated boundary school. Every current student is guaranteed placement at their newly designated boundary school. (We are waiting on the boundary changes).
    2. Get priority placement at a school of choice through a special lottery December 9 – January 3, 2020, ahead of PUSD’s annual Open Enrollment. Current students at Franklin, Jefferson, and Roosevelt have priority for placement at other schools through the special lottery. Parents/guardians must complete an application online December 9 – January 3, 2020. This is a special lottery that is open only to Franklin, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Wilson students.  https://schoolchoicepusd.com/
    3. Apply for placement through the regular PUSD Open Enrollment period in 2020 if special lottery deadline is missed.

     Will Wilson Middle School students have any priority in the Open Enrollment-School Choice lottery?

    Yes. Wilson students will have priority for school placement through a special lottery held December 9 – January 3, 2020.

    What if I don’t like the school placement I get through the special lottery?

    You can register at newly designated boundary school, or remain on the waitlist for each of your preferences in hopes of receiving a higher preference.

    Will there be any exceptions made for siblings of Wilson students?

    The Special Lottery is for currently-enrolled students at Wilson, who would be continuing at the site if it was still open. Siblings of Wilson students who will be in 6th grade in 2020-2021 will be guaranteed placement at their newly designated boundary school. Parents will need to register all students at the same time. Students who receive placement through the special lottery and have an incoming 6th grade sibling may participate in the special lottery. Parents will need to link the sibling applications when applying, ensuring the same order of preferences.

    Can I move my child this school year to the receiving school or to another school of my choice?

    No, you cannot change schools this year. Wilson students will have priority for the 2020-2021 school year.

    What is the new school for the attendance area for the Wilson area?

    New boundary changes are not available. As soon as changes are made, we will provide this information.

    Note: Students with IEPs may apply via special lottery; however, students will be placed in consultation with SPED based upon services needed.

    What will happen at Wilson this year?

    Instruction and school schedules will continue as normal.  Families are encouraged to tour their designated neighborhood school as well as other schools. After students are placed, receiving schools will provide information to welcome new students and their families. The school will close in June 2020.

    Will any special “last year” activities be held for 8th graders?

    Yes. It’s important that we mark the last year of Wilson and celebrate the legacy and achievements of its students, faculty, and staff with “last year” activities.

     Is my student going to be able to get the same services at the new school?

    Yes, instruction at all PUSD schools follows the California State Standards for learning and the curriculum will remain the same. Magnet schools or schools with signature programs focus on science, the arts, or dual languages. After-school programs are offered through LEARNs and other programs specific to the campus.

    How will my student’s special needs or Individual Education Plan (IEP) be addressed?

    Services for students with special needs follow the child, in accordance with their IEP. School and district staff will work with caregivers to make the transition to a new campus as seamless as possible.

    Will transportation be provided to the receiving school?

    Transportation for special education services stipulated in the IEP will continue.  However, PUSD does not offer general education busing at this time.

    How will students at Wilson and the receiving school be integrated?

    To ensure that Wilson students feel welcome at their new school, look for upcoming dates for school visits and events that bring students and families together before the new school year begins.

    What is the plan to address any behavioral or disciplinary issues that may arise from combining two school communities?

    Any adjustment issues due to transition may be addressed in groups by a team of social workers. If behaviors manifest themselves in the form of psychosomatic symptoms, we will bring in nurses as part of the support.

    What is going to happen to the Wilson site?

    The campuses will be retained as a District property. The District is exploring various educational and community-based uses for the site.