Volunteer in PUSD!

  • PUSD welcomes volunteers to prepare our students to excel in the key economic sectors of the 21st century. Thousands of volunteers inspire students' interests in literature and math, science and robotics, music and art, and in community service. 

    How You Can Become a Volunteer in PUSD

    If individuals wish to become a volunteer, they will need to speak with the school's community assistant/volunteer coordinator. 

    Completely fill out the volunteer forms:

    • Volunteer Application

    • Child Abuse and Confidentiality form

    • Sign receipt of acknowledgement of the Volunteer Handbook pledge  (page 19)

    **Please note that depending on the level of clearance requested, additional forms may be required.


    • TB clearance dated within 60 days (list of locations for screening will be provided) 

    • A copy of driver's license/ID

    Please Note:  Starting Sept. 1, 2016 New Immunization Requirements from the State of CA for parents/community members who want to volunteer for Early Ed (Pre-K, TK) -  These volunteers are now required to have not only a current TB test but also an immunization record showing a Measles, Pertussis and Flu vaccine (does not include K-12 volunteers).  All Early Ed volunteers, including current Level 2 volunteers, need to be cleared by the Early Childhood Education Office: Early Childhood Education Department


  • How do I volunteer at my child's school?

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    Thank you and welcome!  By now, you've probably already considered how much time you can consistently give and what your interests are. Many schools survey parents at the beginning of the year to match their skills and interests with activities and needs at the school. We want your gift of time to be purposeful and take your assignment very seriously; Therefore, please contact the school Community Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator at your campus and tell him or her that you want to help.  They will determine the type of clearance you will need.

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  • Do parents need to register as volunteers?

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    Yes! Everyone who volunteers at a PUSD school needs to be registered as a volunteer. Because your gift of time is valuable, meet with your school Community Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator to confirm your assignment and to complete the child health and safety clearances.  You will need to complete an application, read the orientation handbook, provide proof of tuberculosis clearance and be cleared on the Megan's Law database at minimum.  These tests help us keep all our students safe and healthy.

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  • I'm not a parent but I'd like to volunteer. What do I do?

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    Awesome! PUSD is fortunate to have many community volunteers who generously donate countless hours to inspire and enrich student learning. We partner with several organizations who train volunteers and target specific areas where students need help the most.  

    Contact the Community Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator at your desired school site/department to see if there is an assignemnt available.  They will also determine the level of clearance (Level 1 or Level 2 ) required for your specific volunteer assignment.

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  • Are field trip chaperones required to get clearance?

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    All field trip chaperones are required to get checked on the MEGAN'S LAW database, which is done by the Community Assistant/Volunteer Coordinator at the school site.

    The majority of chaperones for day field trips are NOT required to get fingerprint clearance (Level 2).  Level 1 Volunteer Clearance is sufficient for a daytime Field Trip as long as the volunteer is supervised by a teacher at all times. 

    Volunteers attending an overnight field trip are required to obtain child safety clearance via DOJ/FBI background checks done by fingerprint clearance (Level 2). In these very limited cases, the community assistant/volunteer coordinator OR principal will authorize volunteers for fingerprinting via a closed google form managed by the PUSD Family Resource Center.  Once we have the authorization from the school site we will contact the volunteer to set up an appointment.  

    No appointments can be scheduled without prior authorization from the school site via the closed google form.  We do not take walk-ins for LiveScans.  You must have an appointment set up with the Family Resource Staff before coming in for a LiveScan for Level 2 Clearance.

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  • Does every volunteer require fingerprint clearance?

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    Definitely not!

    The vast majority of volunteers work under the close supervision of a PUSD certificated staff member. For example: chaperoning a field trip, helping in a classroom or library, tutoring students in the back of the classroom or in the art, drama or science rooms. 

    Only a few volunteers who take on the considerable responsibility of working with students outside the supervision of Certificated Staff are authorized by school administrators for fingerprinting. 

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  • How long does it take to get cleared as a volunteer?

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    Plan ahead! The entire process can take between 2 - 3 weeks, and sometimes more.

    This depends on whether your medical provider will refer you for a TB skin test/Chest X-ray or if your assignment will require fingerprint clearance.  Getting results back from the Department of Justice/FBI varies per person.  The average turnaround time is a few days, but there is no way for our office to know for sure how long it will take for results to come back once we submit prints.  

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  • Do current or retired employees of PUSD need to register as volunteers?

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    Yes. Current employees must register as volunteers at their site.  

    Depending on the volunteer assignment, they may be referred for fingerprint clearance through the Family Resource Center.  In that case an authorization from school site still needs to be submitted before an appointment can be scheduled.

    Recently retired employees follow the same process.  

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