2018-2019 PTA Board & Chairpersons

  • All PTA questions can be sent to pta@bobcatbuzz.com unless the email is listed below.

    BOARD OFFICERS  (2 year term limits) 

    President: Frank Waterman (pta@bobcatbuzz.com)
    Secretary: Denise Robb (pta@bobcatbuzz.com)
    Treasurer: Jason Tirona (ptatreasurer@bobcatbuzz.com)
    Principal: Mrs. Erika Cooper (cooper.erika@pusd.us)
    Teacher Reps: Alden Denila (Mr. D) (denila.alden@pusd.us) and Kim Enriquez (enriquez.kimberly@pusd.us)
    VP Membership: Jennifer Ayon (ptamembership@bobcatbuzz.com)
    Auditor: Ellen Luo (auditor@bobcatbuzz.com)
    Historian: Veronica Aguirre
    Parliamentarian: Brooke Sample  


    After School Enrichment: Nikkole Wilkerson 
    Communications: Sara Jennings (info@bobcatbuzz.com)
    Event Coordinator: OPEN
    Hospitality: Kali Lamarine (hospitality@bobcatbuzz.com)
    Outreach: OPEN
    Room Parents: Adriana Luquin (roomparents@bobcatbuzz.com)
    Uniforms: Sandra Franco (uniforms@bobcatbuzz.com)
    Volunteers: Tonia Lain (volunteers@bobcatbuzz.com)
    Ways and Means (aka Fundraising Committee): Imogene Rocco and Jovana Telles
    Field Trips: Tonia Lain (volunteers@bobcatbuzz.com)
    Student Rep: NEW/OPEN
    Science Math & Art (SMArt) Night: Shahrzad Roshankhah and Olga Batygin (smartnight@bobcatbuzz.com)
    Yearbook: Sharon Lo (yearbook@bobcatbuzz.com)
    Red Ribbon Week: Martin Thomas 
    Reflections: Lumi Waterman
    Spirit Store: Ellen Luo (auditor@bobcatbuzz.com)
    Cultural Fair: Michael Olivares(culturalfair@bobcatbuzz.com)
    Budget Committee (must be chaired by Treasurer and include Ways/Means aka Fundraising Chair): Jason Tirona (ptatreasurer@bobcatbuzz.com)
    Legislative:  (advocacy@bobcatbuzz.com)