• Marshall Fundamental Drama Department Presents GREASE
    Published : Thursday, March 29, 2018 | 2:20 PM

    It’s summer 1959 and greaser Danny Zuko had a secret summer romance with the sweet new girl in town, Sandy Dumbrowski. Now back to school at Rydell High, their love gets a bit more complicated.

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    GREASE is coming to the stage of Marshall Fundamental Secondary School. As a student musician drumming in the Rock n Roll band, I am looking forward to the performances on April 5th, 6th, and 7th at 7:00 p.m., with a matinee on April 7th at 1:00 p.m. The show will be here before you know it!

    Noah Grater, Sonny LaTierri and Brittany Romero, Marty

    Now here’s the scoop: Caroline Sandrew, Marshall Fundamental’s drama teacher, is directing our music production. Ms. Sandrew teaches and manages Marshall’s theater classes and is integrating both our actors and tech theater students – alongside, in Ms. Sandrew’s words, “indispensable parent volunteers” – to complete set construction.

    Marshall Fundamental’s ensemble of Grease is comprised of both middle school and high school students. Many of the high school students involved are enrolled in the Academy for Creative Industries (ACI), Marshall’s career pathway program. ACI encapsulates generalized artistic tracks which includes Drama, Music, Dance, and Visual Arts. ACI serves as a great vehicle, much akin to Greased Lightning, for students in grades 9-12, providing them access to resources and opportunities that support their college and/or career arts aspirations.

    Caroline Sandrew, Theater Teacher and Director with Breanne Lavin, Dance Teacher and Choreographer

    What role does ACI play in the production of Grease?
    Marshall’s drama department is not the only creative department involved in the production of Grease. One of Marshall’s instrumental music teachers, Mr. Anthony Carafone, is conducting the pit, which will be composed of four of our high school students and guest musician Caitlin Way, who is a Marshall 2017 alumni. “They’re great and positive with lots of energy,” Mr. Carafone stated. The band will be providing live music, bringing the original soundtrack to life. Get ready to hand jive, folks!

    Alongside Mr. Carafone, there are several more teachers making this production possible. Our choir teacher, Mr. Jonathan Gould, is coaching the vocal direction and coordination of the collective cast, including the principal actors, and the ensemble. He also had a hand in assisting Ms. Sandrew in casting roles, making sure every Pink Lady and T-Bird were the right fit musically and theatrically.

    Randall Enger, Kenickie and Helen Windsor, Betty Rizzo

    Dance instructor, Ms. Breanne Lavin, is choreographing the production’s dance and movement. She is quite literally helping the cast take on the production one step at a time!

    Graphic design teacher, Ms. Rosa Ramirez-Rosales, supervised the creation of promotional posters for Grease that were designed by student artists. Tackling the designing of these posters with the same importance of a client request, these students were given two weeks to generate a visual concept and deliver the final product. The completed posters use vintage or retro color palettes and scenes from the cinematic rendition of Grease.

    Lastly, art students continue their work on other visual backdrops, sets, and scenery, under the direction of Mr. Luis Rendon, Jr. and Ms. Yvonne Ramsey. Also assisting to create a premiere ambiance, Ms. Daarina Abdus-Samad and her middle school art classes are constructing a 3D cardboard Greased Lightning photo op, so that audiences can sit in and take photos with the classic automobile itself.

    As a Marshall ACI student involved in the production, I can attest to the fact that the cast and crew have clocked in massive amounts of time into Grease in order to make the show the best it can be. Aforementioned, I was granted the opportunity to join the Grease pit by striking classic rock and pop grooves on our rinky dink drum set. Whenever the jocks, cheerleaders, greasers, and Pink Ladies themselves sweep into the room to rehearse with the band, a lively, ecstatic energy is dispersed; suddenly it’s 1959 again and we’re perfecting our doo-wops.

    This cascading reminiscence bump and infectious nostalgic feeling is something you won’t want to miss. The cast and crew involved are hopelessly devoted to their craft, which will help make Grease the time, the place, and the motion. And remember, Grease is the word!

    The Marshal Drama Department would like to extend special thanks to Marshall LEARNs for their monetary donation and I.R.S. Demo for providing invaluable time and resources to our production.

    For more information, Caroline Sandrew at Sandrew.Caroline@pusd.us or Felita Kealing at (626) 396-5810 ext. 64093 or email at Kealing.Felita@pusd.us.