Questions about the Tech Equity Program?

  • Which Students get to take home a Chromebooks ?Image of text bubble with the words why, where, what, how, when, who inside of them.

    All students get a  Chromebook that they can take home. This will extend the learning experiences outside of the classroom. Students are also responsible for taking care their assigned Chromebook. 


    What if my student has their own laptop or Chromebook?
    Students may not bring and use their own devices at school. PUSD has no method of ensuring that personal devices are capable of providing students with the same learning experience as the district provided Chromebook. Further, the assigned Chromebooks are provisioned with particular software tools and secure testing browsers identified as necessary for certain required school activities. School Chromebooks may only be used upon login with a school district username and password. These school accounts are under the district's administrative control with students' actions and history recorded. 
    What if my student leaves their Chromebook at home?

    If a student leaves their Chromebook at home, they will be expected to make up any digital assignment that they were not able to do in class as a result of not having their Chromebook. Teachers will provide altnernative assignments when possible.


    What if a student’s Chromebook is not charged?

    Each student is expected to have a fully charged Chromebook at the beginning of every school day and bring her/his Chromebook to all classes. If their Chromebook is not charged they will need to make up any digital assignment that they were not able to do in class as a result of not having their Chromebook. Teachers will provide altnernative assignments when possible.


    What if my student loses the charger?

    If a student looses their charger a fee ($50) will be assigned to the student, this fee can be paid in the ITS department at the Education Center (351 South Pasadena, 91101 room 111a). To aviod the inflated cost of purchasing a charger from Dell through the district families can opt to replace the charger directly from Amazon. CLICK HERE to see the replacement charger.


    What do parents and students have to sign?

    Parents/guardians and students must sign the Insurance/Liability Form. Parents of students wishing to participate in the Sprint 1 Million Program will also need to complete the Sprint 1MP Application. 

    Will parents have a financial responsibility?

    Yes. PUSD has brokered an insurance deal with the Worth Ave. Group to obtain a policy for the Chromebooks. Parents who opt-in for the insurance will incur the cost of the insurance policy. There are insurance policies that span 1, 2, or 3 years. If at the end of the policy if the student is still in the district and wishes to continue insurance coverage the policy will have to be renewed. (Please see next section for more info).

    • The district will charge 100% of the cost for any replacement of a Chromebook checked out to the student that is not insured.
    • If, while using a loaner Chromebook, a student intentionally damages the device the district will charge a fine of 100% of the cost for any repair to or replacement of the Chromebook. 
    • If, while using a loaner Chromebook, the device is stolen or lost the district will charge a fine of 100% of the cost to replace the device.



    How much does the insurance cost and what does it cover?

    There are three insurance policies available to PUSD families. There is a single year policy, a two-year policy, and a three-year policy. All three policies cover theft and vandalism for the Chromebook that is assigned to the student. The prices for each policy are as follows:

      • 1 Year Theft  - $13 a year  (Seniors only)
      • 2 Year Theft  - $25 a year (Juniors Only)
      • 3 Year Theft  - $37 total (All other students)
    • WiFi Hotspots 
      • 1 Year Theft - $4 a year (Seniors only)
      • 2 Year Theft - $8 a year (Juniors Only)
      • 3 Year Theft - $12 total (All other students)

    • Families do not have to purchase insurance to check out a Chromebook. If a family chooses to opt out of buying insurance they will need to fill out the liability waiver and return it to the school office before checking out a student device.   



    Will each Secondary student be assigned a specific Chromebook?

    Yes, each secondary student will be assigned a specific Chromebook. A serial number will be linked to each individual student. School personnel can look up this information to ensure that each student is using the correctly assigned Chromebook. If a student is transferring from one PUSD school to another they will NOT need to turn in their Chromebook. They will only turn in their Chromebook if they are planning to leave PUSD.


    What if the student tries to go on an inappropriate site at home?

    Chromebooks issued by the District will be filtered outside of school district buildings.

    A Web filter is a program that can screen an incoming Web page to determine whether some or all of it should not be displayed to the student. The filter checks the origin or content of a Web page against a set of rules provided by the school district. A Web filter allows a school district to block out pages from Websites that are likely to include objectionable advertising, pornographic content, spyware, viruses, and other objectionable content. However, please note that although these devices will be filtered, and is safer than using a personal device, it is still possible that objectionable content can slip through the filters. 


    What if the Chromebook is damaged?

    All Chromebooks that are damaged or in need of repair must be brought to the school library as soon as possible. Then the following steps will occur:

    • The school will document the damage in a helpdesk ticket.
    • The student will complete a damage report.
    • The school library will issue the student a loaner Chromebook and document that they were issued as a loaner.
    • Each Chromebook gets one free accidental repair covered by Dell (according to date shipped to PUSD). When a device is damaged and a ticket is submitted an ITS technician will verify if the device is eligible for a free repair. In the case that the device is not, the parent or guardian will incur the repair costs of the device.
    • If repairable, the school will notify the student when their Chromebook is repaired.



    What does the student do with the loaner Chromebook from the library to charge each day?

    The school library will keep track of the loaned Chromebooks it provides to students; the student will pick up and return their loaner Chromebook each day from the library. The library will ensure that each Chromebook is fully charged each night.


    What if a family does not have internet service at home?

    No problem, PUSD was accepted into the Sprint Millions Project! Through this project Sprint is supplying families who meet the requirements, with a FREE WiFi hotspot with which they can access the internet. To see if you qualify use these links (English  Spanish) or ask your school site for the printed form. The quickest way to qualify for the Millions program is to sign up for the Free/Reduced lunch program at your student’s school.


    Will the students take their Chromebook home over the summer?

    Yes, with some exceptions. If a student is switching schools (outside of PUSD), for any reason, they will need to turn in their Chromebook and charger.


    When should students return Chromebooks to the school? 

    If a student is switching schools (outside of PUSD), for any reason, they will need to turn in their Chromebook and charger. Also, all student district Chromebooks will be collected at the end of the 3 year lease agreement and new ones will be issued. If a senior fails to return their assigned Chromebook PUSD will withhold grades, diploma or transcripts per board policy AR 5125.2 

    What if we move out of PUSD before the insurance ends?

    If you should leave the district before you policy expires you can contact the Worth Ave Group and cancel your policy. You will then receive a pro-rated refund.

    Will students be given cases with these devices?

    No. However, if a family would like to purchase a case, sleeve, or cover for the device PUSD has compiled a shortlist of items that will work with the Chromebooks that will be used for the 2018 - 2022 lease term. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE LIST