Tech Equity Chromebook Take Home Program

  • Starting early 2018, Pasadena Unified School District started the 1:1 Tech Equity Take Home Program which afforded middle and high school students the opportunity to check out a Chromebook to use both at home and at school. PUSD is committed to preparing our students for their future and believes that this objective cannot be accomplished without the use of technology. 

    The Tech Equity program provides our students with opportunities to leverage technology for learning both at home and at school and ensures that all participating students have equitable access to digital learning resources. It is our goal that students will learn to:

    • access digital resources where and when they need them;
    • proficiently and safely use information, media, and technology to succeed in a digital world;
    • communicate with peers, teachers, and appropriate resources beyond the schoolhouse in support of learning;
    • learn, share, collaborate and create to think and solve problems;
    • manage work, equipment, resources, and timelines to lead to accomplishment; and
    • take ownership of goals and apply resources to reach them.