PUENTE Program

  • The PUENTE High School Program is designed to help students graduate high school prepared, be college eligible, and enroll in college. Students’ are supported by the PUENTE team. Puente provides four areas of service to students: teaching, writing, counseling, and community leadership.  Puente students study the college preparatory curriculum and read and write about the Mexican American/Latino experience. Students study with the same English teacher for 9th and 10th grades. There is an application process, student and parent orientation, and an interview.

    Meaning - Puente is Spanish for "bridge". Our motto is "building bridges to higher education". 


    The Puente program's mission is to increase the number of students who enroll into four-year colleges and universities, earn their degrees, and return to the community as leaders of future generations. 

    How to Join 

    Every year, Puentistas go around to eighth grade classrooms to tell them about the Puente program and hand out slips for the students to fill out if they are interested. Ms. Dominguez, advisor of Puente and Marshall counselor, goes over the files of all students and sends a letter home to attend a meeting with a parent/guardian to tell them more about the program. If the parent/guardian wish to allow their child to continue with the process to enter the program, they must set up an interview date with Ms. Dominguez where both, parent/guardian and student will attend and be interviewed. After Ms. Dominguez goes through all interviews, about 33 eighth grade students are chosen to enter the Puente program for the following year as freshman. 

    How it Works 

    • The Puente program is a four-year program that takes place during the four years in high school at Marshall. 
    • During the first two years (9th and 10th grade), Puentistas have the same English teacher. Writing is an essential part of the Puente English program. 
    • Puentistas are required to do community service and club hours to show their involvement within their community and their school. 
    • Ms. Dominguez is the counselor for all Puentistas, which means she helps them with their class schedules, college applications, fee waivers, and much more.


    As Puentistas you must complete the following tasks:

    • 20 community service hours per year
    • 10-15 cub hours per year 

    For more information, please contact Counselor: Maribel Dominguez  - dominguez.maribel@pusd.us

    PUENTE Instructors

    Dr. Mary Stevens - stevens.mary@pusd.us

    PUENTE logo

    • Marshall Fundamental School Puente Students along with About…Productions’ Young Theaterworks Pasadena announces the culminating performance of its residency conducted at Marshall Fundamental School on Wednesday, November 1, 2017 at 10:15 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. in the Little Theater.
    • About Productions Lead Teaching Artist Marlene Beltran-Cuauhtin, with assistance from Teaching Artists Jessica Hemingway, Marisol Torres and Ser Anzoategui challenged Dr. Mary Steven's Puente students to delve into their community’s living history and write plays based on their interviews with community elders.
    • Pasadena-based interviewees include :
    • Marshall Fundamental Class of 1938 alum Weston Embree,
      Award-winning theater artist and 7th generation Californio Theresa Chavez,
      Former Marshall Fundamental Assistant Principal Mary Bland, and
      Nationally exhibiting visual artist, and certified yoga instructor and therapist, Linda Nishio.