Welcome to Fine Arts

  • Welcome to the Fine Arts Department

Luis Rendon, Jr. Department Chair

  • AP Studio Art, Art, and Draw & Paint 

Daarina Abdus-Samad

  • Art 7 and Art 8

Alison Garfinkel

  • Advanced Drama, High School Drama, Middle School Drama, and Stage Tech

Jonathan Gould

  • Vocal Ensemble, Advanced Chorus, High School Chorus, Middle School Chorus

Devette Johnson

  • Graphic Design 1 and Graphic Design 2

Heather King

  • Chamber Orchestra, Advanced Orchestra, Intermediate Orchestra, Beginning Orchestra, and Music Theory

Jacob Melgoza

  • Marching Band/Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Advanced Band, Intermediate Band, and Beginning Band

Darcy Naganuma

  • Dance Production, Intermediate Dance, High School Beginning Dance, Middle School Beginning Dance, and 6th Grade Beginning Dance 

Yvonne Ramsey

  • Art 9