• Physical Education Uniforms
    The PE uniforms consist of a white shirt and red bottoms (shorts or sweats). No logos are acceptable. Failure to dress will result in the students being marked down for participation. PE uniforms are available for purchase in the Students Store, during lunch or after school, or in the Activities Office. 

    PE T-shirt - $12 without ASB and $10 with ASB
    PE shorts - $17 without ASB and $15 with ASB 
    PE sweatpants - $20 without ASB and $18 with ASB 
    Sweatshirts with hoodie - $22 without ASB and $20 with ASB 
    Sweatshirts with zipper - $30 without ASB and $28 with ASB 
    For additional information please contact Joyce Zhao, Bookkeeper -
    626-396-5810 ext. 64041


Stan Makiyama

  • Physical Education 9th-12th, Sports, and Athletic Director

    B.A. Kineseology, California State University of Los Angeles; M.A. Grand Curriculum and Instruction, American College of Education 

Thomas Abich

  • Physical Education 6th-8th and 9th-12th, Weight Training, and Science 7 

Brent English

  • Physical Education 6th-8th

Joseph Federico

  • Physical Education 6th, Physical Education 9th-12th, and Sports Conditioning

Darcy Naganuma

  • 6th Beginning Dance, Middle School Beginning Dance, High School Beginning Dance, Dance Intermediate, and Dance Production

Tramieka Thomas

  • Physical Education 6th-8th and Sports Conditioning 

  • Faculty
    Stan Makiyama- Department Chair & Athletic Director
    Thomas Abich
    Brent English
    Joe Federico
    Darcy Naganuma
    Tramieka Thomas

    List of Courses Offered
    Physical Education (6-12)
    Dance Beginning
    Dance Intermediate
    Dance Intermediate/Production
    Sports Conditioning 
    Weight Training